Simple Support Box

Technical inquiries are usually too vague, so it’s very difficult to figure out the exact issue and cause from the users’ reports. Many times they only tell us that ‘Something doesn’t work’. So our support team has to ask them many questions to figure out where the issue lies.

I made this simple support box to improve the customer support process by getting more information from them without asking them.

When users say that they can’t download a pdf or can’t play the audio, the first thing we want to know is which page they’re on. So we need the URL where the issue is. I quickly took a look at WordPress Codex and found out I can get that information by using home_url().

  global $wp;
  $current_url = home_url(add_query_arg(array(),$wp->request));

Other information that might be helpful would be the user’s OS and web browser. Luckily, we use Memberium, and it has the shortcode that grabs that information. So I put the shortcode inside of a hidden field to auto-populate the data. The same way I get their ID number, name, and email without asking them to type them. So basically the input field looks very simple, and the users only need to type in the question, but we get their ID number, name, email, device, OS, web browser and URL. Structurally it’s just a div of Gravity Forms inside of footer.php (because it should be everywhere). I used jQuery fadeToggle to fade in and out the div when the button is clicked.


Since we launched this feature we’re getting more inquiries than before, probably because it’s everywhere and very easy to access. And now it’s much easier and faster for me to figure out the issue and respond to it.